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Mountain Baby Quilt

I was asked by Hannah (I made her wedding cake) if I would make her quilt for a friend of hers having a baby. She wanted it to be specific to them. They live in the mountains, love to ski, snowboard, sail, canoe, play baseball along with lots of other outdoor sports. She wanted to representing the different sports they are excited to share with/ teach their little boy growing up in Whistler. She liked the sailing quilt that I had made Jack, so we designed one together that had the mountains in the middle and the sports around the edge. VB are there initials so it makes it even more personal. I made the back plain white with blue thread and thought it also looked good from the back as it made it reversible, and almost like a winter scene and the front like a summer scene, which is quite appropriate considering Whistler is such a seasonal place.

Many of the products we buy have negative environmental impacts and I want to be a part of changing that. So I always look out for better options when making my crafts. In this quilt I used up-cycled fabrics and eco-friendly batting (the squiggly bit inside). I will be trying to use this as much as possible in my products.

I will be making some more Whistler specific quilts in the near future, but if you want a quilt or a gift for someone having a baby feel free to contact me and we can discuss anything you want.11093357_874830895910835_2100675395_o

Mountain Quilt_009

Mountain Quilt_027

Mountain Quilt_036

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