I remember baking with my lovely nan when I was very young. If anyone called to say they were coming to visit she would have freshly baked buns for their arrival, even if they were just around the corner! She was an inspiration to me in so many ways, but baking was always my favourite thing to do with her. We also shared the love of eating them, what can I say ‘I just love a bit of cake!’

I’ve always liked been creative, be it baking, decorating cakes, cooking, making quilts, sewing, painting or taking photographs. I will be posting my creations on this blog, feel free to follow me.

My name is Becky and I live in Whistler, Canada and my cakes and things are available to buy. If you would like me to make you a cake, decorations, a quilt, paintings or other things you see on my blog, feel free to contact me. I also work on commissions if you have an idea you want making, just let me know and we can discuss it. You can also view my photography website to purchase any prints.


From Hannah & Eddy’s Wedding Cake –  ‘We wanted to say a big thank you for the beautiful cake you made us for our special day. It has been over a month now and people are still talking about how delicious the cake was!’

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