Baking Lane

I bake and decorate all types of cakes and cookies. Birthdays, weddings, special events and parties, or just because you fancy a delicious treat! If you like something you see on my blog, or if you have an idea in mind, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs. I work on commissions, and always like to try a new challenge. I also make cake toppers from marzipan, icing or clay(for longer lasting keepsakes).

Free From… After suffering from Migraines for a while I decided to get some food sensitivity tests and cut out some foods to figure out if any of them affected me. Although only minor sensitivities I definitely felt better after changing my diet and, not cutting out, but eating less dairy, eggs and grains and eating more vegetables and whole foods. So I started trying different recipes and cooking gluten free, dairy free and vegan and am please to say there are some great alternatives out there. As more and more people seem to have major sensitivities or just decide to change there diets, I have decided at Baking Lane to offer these dietary foods. If you want a cake, snack or dessert free from a certain food just let me know, I will be trying more and more recipes so keep an eye on my blog to see how it goes. Please contact me if you want something specific, I make cakes, desserts, bars, cookies and crackers. I can also make these items for your Wedding.

I try to use organic produce as much as possible, please let me know if you would like an organic product.

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